Top Doctors: Treasures of the Treasure Valley

Cottonwood Creek Dental Recognized
As one of the Top Doctors in the Treasure Valley

“I would like to thank the Eagle Magazine readers for supporting our practice all of these years,” says Dr. Michael Dolby, DDS, Owner, Cottonwood Creek Dental in Eagle. “We are a full service dental practice, next to St. Alphonsus Hospital in Eagle River, with a special emphasis on cosmetic dentistry. We have created a peaceful and positive dental experience. Everyone on our team truly cares about each patient from taking the time to make sure their appointment is pleasant, to checking in with every patient after treatment. Our concern for our patients doesn’t stop when they leave our office. The artistic smiles we have created here are nothing short of amazing and we take pride in exceeding our patient’s expectations.”

“I have always had an artistic part of me and I’m extremely perfectionistic, which is ideal for the dental profession,” shares Dolby. “My path into dentistry was actually by accident and really came out of frustration with my previous corporate job.”

“I remember sitting at the kitchen table sharing my career frustrations with my father and out of the blue he said, “Why don’t you go to dental school?” My uncle was a dentist, but I had never really given dentistry much of a thought. But deep down inside I must have known this profession would be right for me, because without hesitation I said ‘yes’ and began my quest to become a dentist.”

“For most people when you mention going to the dentist, some level of apprehension takes over,” notes Dolby. “What I love is having the opportunity to give my patients a positive dental experience. When that happens, people tend to keep their regular check-ups and they usually have far less dental work to complete. However, by far I love creating beautiful smiles. I never get tired of the reaction on my patient’s face when I have literally taken years off their appearance and exceeded their expectations.”

“My biggest challenge is time. I’m blessed to have a busy dental practice and a very busy family. Scheduling time to coach my children’s sports teams or simply watching them perform or compete in a sport is a constant challenge. I love spending time with my family and friends, golfing with my boys, competing in obstacle races, running marathons, and traveling.” Dolby is also the author of Practice Made Perfect: How to Build a Thriving Dental Practice.

(Original Article Published at Eagle Magazine or you can download the PDF here.)

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