Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening has become a mainstream product that we see just about everywhere. The biggest difference between having your teeth professionally whitened and using teeth-whitening products that are sold over the counter comes down to two things.

One is the accuracy of the application and the strength of the bleaching gel solution. As dental professionals, we can use a much stronger whitening gel, so your teeth will get whiter faster!

At Cottonwood Creek Dental, we offer the Glo Professional Whitening System. Working with a team of dental professionals, engineers, and product developers, the Glo set out to create a new kind of whitening system that would deliver unparalleled, long-lasting results while eliminating pain and sensitivity and removing the need for custom trays.

The degree of whitening can vary from person to person, and some teeth cannot be whitened with bleaching alone. In those cases, we have alternative cosmetic procedures that can provide you with the brightness you are looking for.

When supervised by a professional, teeth whitening is extremely safe and will not damage your gums or teeth. Most importantly, you will have a brighter, more youthful smile.

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