Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera, used by many cosmetic dentists like ourselves, is an excellent instrument for examining cases of dental disease and cracks in teeth. This device is light years ahead of previous dental instrument that were used to examine these conditions and it offers a much higher level of diagnostic accuracy. In addition, the intraoral camera also offers greater benefits to patients. There is something to the cliché that seeing is believing. Many people hesitate to undergo dental treatment unless they have seen evidence that it is absolutely necessary.

With the intraoral camera, the patient is able to see clearly exactly what the dentist sees. Dr Dolby can take a picture with the camera anywhere along the outside or the inside of the teeth. The image is then viewed on a large, high-resolution color monitor that displays close up images of the patient’s teeth and gums. Fractures in teeth can be examined in thorough this high tech piece of equipment along with fillings that have new cavities around them. Periodontal disease can also be seen clearly and the patient can better understand their oral condition.

Patient’s can now examine clear evidence and extent of their condition via the intraoral camera and options can then be discussed before any treatment is started

One final benefit of the intraoral camera is that printouts can be made and sent home with the patient so they can discuss both the recommended treatment and the cost with a spouse or other family members prior to starting treatment.

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